Yoga Practices

These types of practices are beneficial to anyone regardless of their level of experience

Yoga instruction on a 1 to 1 basis or in a small group working with the core teachings and principles of traditional Hatha yoga focusing on restorative Hatha  & Yin  style yoga practice.

These styles of yoga are particularly benificial for those who are beginners in yoga or who prefer a slower paced less dynamic practice as well as those who are recovering from illness or injury or who experience all types of chronic pain and inflammation; such as back and joint pain, as well as the generally less mobile individuals who want to learn how to simply stretch the body is a very simplistic and beneficial way.

Yoga therapy sessions incorporate Hatha style & Yin style yoga in a holistic and restorative approach with some massage therapy and reflexology as well as looking at the persons lifestyle as a whole to provide a holistic treatment plan for specific problems.

Meditation, mindfullness and Pranayama- breathing techniques in private or small group sessions designed to focus specifically on relaxation.  Meditation, mindfullness and Pranayama (breathing techniques) are incredibly beneficial for calming the mind; alleviating stress, anxiety and nervous digestive problems as well as many more nerve related disorders.  It also is benificial for those who experience sleep problems and post traumatic stress disorders.

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