Deep tissue massage

This type of massage is ideal for those who lead a physically active or stressful lifestyle and involves some stretching and moving of the limbs and deeper firmer pressure.

Deep tissue massage is largely based on Swedish massage and incorporates all of the same techniques but with some additional intensive pressure and techniques, using slower, deeper strokes to target much deeper into the soft tissues and connective tissues around the joints.  It can help in breaking down of scar tissues following injuries and promote healing and reduce inflammation by increasing blood flow. This technique also helps to alleviate tension in muscles and break down knots in the muscle fibres which can cause pain and imbalance.  

Its main purpose is to speed up the healing process of damaged or fatigued muscles, realign the muscle fibres and connective tissues and reduce inflammation in the joints and to help avoid soft tissue strains either prior to or post exercise.

Prior to exercise, deep tissue massage will stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and prepare the body for optimal sports performance. Post exercise it will relieve or prevent stiffness and pain by removing toxins and lactic acid build up found in the muscles.

This massage technique may also help to alleviate symptoms of stress such as anxiety, low mood and fatigue digestive discomfort and may promote feelings of happiness and calm.  It may also help support in weight management and detox plans.

(Modesty is respected at all times using towel positioning)

Times & Prices

Timing guides. Treatment times to suit your needs.  

Back, neck and shoulders

30-45 mins | £30-£45

Back, neck, shoulders & legs

45-60 mins | £40-£45

Full body

60-90 mins | £55-£70