Swedish Massage

This type of massage is deeply relaxing & promotes a general sense of wellbeing.

The original massage technique involves a sequence of movements, working superficially at first and then progressing increasingly deeper into the sof tissue layers. Its main purpose is to help improve the circulation of blood and lymphatic flow, relax and realign the muscle & connective fibers, relieve muscle fatigue & decrease the inflammation in tissues. All of this provides pain relief and removes toxic waste found in the body such as the lactic acid build up in muscles preventing stiffness & pain.

This massage technique may also help to alleviate symptoms of stress such as anxiety, low mood and fatigue digestive discomfort and may promote feelings of happiness and calm. It may also help support in weight management and detox plans.

(Modesty is respected at all times using towel positioning)    

Times & Prices

Timing guides. 

Back neck shoulder & legs

30-45 mins | £30-£45

Back neck & shoulder

30-45  mins | £30-£45

Full body

60-90 mins £55-£70