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About Us

Taylor’s Therapies is a holistic health and wellness service specialising in massage therapies, reflexology, yoga therapy and personalised health and wellness coaching programmes.

All therapies are based on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing with restorative outcomes which help to alleviate the everyday stresses of life such as fatigue, anxiety and low mood and promote a general sense of well being and calm.

Specialised coaching programmes for managing and healing chronic back pain

Based in Darwen centre, appointments at the treatment room or online for yoga and coaching services.


Taylors therapies is all about helping people with a holistic and restorative approach to health and wellbeing by treating the specific needs of each client using individually tailored treatments or a combination of therapies or programmes. Whether it be purely for relaxation and pampering or for a more specific functional purpose.

We focus on trying to identify the root cause of any general aliments and pain related issues and create a personal therapy plan to work on together and at home. All of the therapies can help to support your fitness regime as well as detox and weight management. 

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is largely based on Swedish massage and incorporates all of the same techniques but with some additional intensive pressure and techniques to work deeper into the soft tissues helping to relieve muscle tension, painful knots and improve range of motion.

Indian head massage

Also known as Champissage, it is a treatment which massages various pressure points on the head, neck and shoulders.  Beneficial in reducing tension headaches as well as improving general physical, mental and emotional well being.  Deeply relaxing, this therapy helps to reduce stress, improve quality of sleep, boots happy hormones and nourishes the scalp and hair by stimulating blood flow to the hair roots.

Yoga Therapy

Movement and stretching therapy focused on yogic practices builds strength and flexibility, promotes physical resilience, supports all the systems of the body and immune health and develops positive mindfulness and deep relaxation.

Swedish Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment which works superficially on the soft tissues and muscles to help restore a general feeling of well being, calm and balancing effect on the nervous system.  Relives stress, promotes restful sleep, eliminates toxins and boosts happy hormones.


Reflexology is a healing therapy that works on the principle that every organ and system in the body has a corresponding point or zone on the feet, much like mini-maps of the body. By working on these pressure points it stimulates the body into healing itself. This therapy restores the bodies natural balance promoting general well being, deep relaxation, reduces stress and promotes restful sleep.

Book or ask a question

Get in touch to book or find out more about the therapies and health and wellness coaching programmes. We can schedule a call to discuss your individual needs and determine if you would benefit from the service. 



Back pain coaching programme

Personal and individual. The program is designed for those who suffer with back pain issues who have been evaluated by a doctor and given the all clear as nothing requiring immediate surgery.   Working on a 1:1 basis the programme can be accessed online with weekly personal coaching it enables your body to heal itself naturally over a period of months.



Yoga  & movement therapy 1 to 1:

£15/30 mins. £20/45 mins. £25/60 mins.

Massage and reflexology treatments:

£30/30 mins.  £45/45 mins. £55/60 mins.      £65/75 mins.  £70/90 mins.


Gift certificates

Taylor’s Therapies gift certificate are available for that special occasion and can be delivered to your door. 

“We have worked on specifics to help my bad back problems for the last 6 weeks or so and for the first time in over a year I am pain free and painkiller free. Classes are great, but the 1:1 with Vikki has been key to getting my back on track! Thankyou!”

Kimberley Westall

“For the first time in so long since badly pulling muscles in my back I remember how it should feel!…..oh the freedom! I highly recommend Victoria!”

Emma Wright

“Just had my first back neck and shoulder massage at my home and cannot highly recommend enough come on everyone support our amazing local business ?❤️

Elaine Beeson